About Jamie

Jamie Atkinson is a champion for our environment and the City of Toronto. He has graduated with honours in Political Science with a bachelor of arts from York University. Since then he went on to pursue studying architecture for three years at the masters level at Daniel School of Architecture at the University of Toronto at Huron and Bloor. From there he went onto form his own company called Toronto Downspout, which helped disconnect downspouts throughout the city which reduce combine sewer overflows into our local waterways, keeping it protected for generations to come. Since then, he has continue to hold his expertise in climate change resilience and adaptation, while maintaining a deep interest for design and computer-software deployment in the real world. With over 30 years of experience operating computers as a power user, he proven himself to be the perfect candidate to help lead our City into the future. Our Cuty needs a leader, who is fully up-to-date with current state of technology, including but not limited to machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, generative design, and data handling reduction strategies.  He is also a pioneer in four-dimensional city planning. He’s the ultimate candidate for what has become the ultimate challenge for humankind; addressing climate change through planning, monitoring, adaptation, resilience and innovation. The New Toronto, where the rich and poor get richer. How? Through job creation and partnerships with our community and government. Protect your environment, and your lived experience by voting in Jamie Atkinson June 26, 2023.
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