I want to outline our comprehensive plan to revamp our emergency and non-emergency services — 911 and 311. Our primary goal is to reduce wait times and ensure that every caller reaches the right service or personnel more promptly.

Overhauling Service for a Safer, More Convenient Toronto

Central to our emergency response system is an unwavering commitment to safety and public service. When lives are at stake, every second matters. To maximize the value of these seconds, we are introducing significant upgrades to our 911 services. Our plan aims to reduce response times and enable callers to reach the necessary help more quickly.

Likewise, our 311 services, which connect Toronto residents with non-emergency municipal services, will also undergoing substantial enhancements. A more streamlined process will ensure callers connect with the right city service or representative faster, thereby elevating the convenience of living in our city.

Harnessing AI to Improve Service Delivery

We intend to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology as the driving force behind these improvements. The AI system we're implementing is designed to process calls more efficiently, swiftly directing them to the most appropriate service or individual. This innovative system will understand and categorize incoming calls in real time, thereby enabling operators to focus more on providing critical assistance.

Implementing Change

The implementation of these improvements calls for a concerted effort from our technology partners, emergency services, and city staff. Our strategy includes extensive testing of the system to ensure it's both reliable and effective before being fully deployed across Toronto.

Mitigating Risks

We are mindful of potential risks such as system errors and privacy concerns. To mitigate these, we are adopting a rigorous testing process, conducting thorough privacy impact assessments, and establishing robust data management protocols.

Financing the Future

The costs associated with this project include technology development, staff training, and system maintenance. However, these are investments towards a safer, more efficient Toronto. Over time, the operational efficiencies we gain will lead to cost savings, providing a solid return on investment.

Our Recommendation

We firmly believe that this overhaul of our 911 and 311 services is an integral step towards a safer, more efficient Toronto. With the support of our dedicated city staff and you, the citizens of Toronto, we can make this vision a reality.

Together, let's make Toronto a safer and even better place to live, work, and call home.

Jamie Atkinson

Candidate for Mayor of Toronto

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