Making Toronto's Roads Safer and Smoother: Our New Vision

Hello, Toronto!

Jamie Atkinson here, your tireless mayoral candidate, with an exciting update on our campaign’s commitment to making our city's roads safer, smoother, and more efficient. We've always believed that Toronto should be a city that flows, not only with the energy of its people but also in its traffic arteries that keep us moving and connected. Today, we're proud to announce our vision for a Comprehensive Road and Highway Pylon Management Program and a mandate for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) in all new cars sold within our beloved city by 2027.

Revolutionizing Pylon Management

Let's start with those seemingly omnipresent orange traffic pylons that materialize during construction. If you've ever navigated a construction zone, you may have noticed how haphazardly these pylons can be spaced and placed, leading to confusion and, unfortunately, unsafe conditions. We believe Toronto deserves better.

Our Comprehensive Road and Highway Pylon Management Program promises to replace this randomness with a systematic approach, optimizing traffic flow and enhancing safety. It's a move that respects all Toronto road users – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike.

Cruising Ahead with ACC

Next, let's talk about Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). We've all experienced the frustration of gridlock in Toronto. It's not just a waste of our valuable time; it's detrimental to our environment and hampers our city's economic productivity. That's why we're proposing a bold initiative: mandating ACC in all new cars sold in Toronto by 2027.

ACC isn't merely a luxury car feature; it's a tested and proven technology that holds the potential to reduce gridlock, improve traffic flow, enhance road safety, and lower environmental impacts. It's a significant step forward, and it's one we're convinced Toronto is ready to embrace.

Let's Build a Better Toronto, Together

This vision, like all our campaign promises, is about creating a better Toronto for all of us. It's about respecting our time, our safety, and our environment. But to make it happen, I need your support. Let's make these changes together. Let's build a Toronto that's ready for the future, today.

Thank you for standing with me. Together, we can make our beloved city even better.

Yours in service,

Jamie Atkinson

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