It's Jamie Atkinson again, your mayoral candidate! I am eager to share my innovative plans for the TTC. Our new initiative, "Time To Change the TTC," is all about revamping our city's public transit to make it safer, more efficient, and more accessible.

Safe Waiting Booths and Spaces: A New Dawn

First up, we're introducing Safe Waiting Booths and Spaces at every TTC bus and subway station. Imagine secure, well-lit areas, closely monitored for your safety, where you can comfortably wait for your ride. These dedicated spaces are all about fostering a sense of safety and ease for every passenger in our city.

Onboard Safety: Teaming Up with Toronto Police

Next, we're stepping up our onboard safety game. We're partnering with the Toronto Police to provide live video feeds directly from onboard TTC vehicles. This move means quicker responses to any incidents, more effective crime prevention, and a stronger sense of security for every journey you make.

Platform Safety Barriers: Your Safety First

We're also committed to reducing accidents on subway platforms. To tackle this, we'll be installing Hyper-Economic Train Crossing-styled barriers at every subway station. These barriers will only open when a train is stationary, preventing any mishaps related to falls onto tracks or attempts to board a moving train. It's a simple, yet transformative step towards enhanced passenger safety.

Presto Pass: Your Ticket to Seamless Commuting

Lastly, we're planning to expand the use of the Presto pass across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). This means smoother, hassle-free travel across multiple transportation systems within the region, transforming your daily commute into a truly connected experience.

Through "Time To Change the TTC," we're eager to revolutionize the TTC into a service that truly mirrors the vibrancy, diversity, and strength of our city. Your support in this journey is invaluable, and together, we'll create a safer, more efficient transit system for all.

Here's to progress, Toronto!

Your in service,

Jamie Atkinson

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