More homes faster with housing automation, 24 hour 5G remote construction jobs + unlocking gridlock by keeping slow drivers off the highways, elevated bike lanes & adaptive cruise control on all new cars by 2025-2030

Date: May 23, 2023 Updated*

Too many people complaining about not having enought houses. Thats a math problem. You know whats good at math? Computers. As Mayor I will address the housing cris,is in Toronto by creating a strategic partnership with the Daniels School of Architecture at the University of Toronto and the establishment of Canada's largest Housing Automation Factory. By leveraging Building Automation and Off-Site Construction technologies, this approach aims to expedite the construction process, improve affordability, and enhance sustainability while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of ou beautiful city. Despite potential challenges such as industry adoption and regulatory compliance, this initiative could accelerate the delivery of housing units, reduce construction costs, and align with environmental sustainability goals. The proposed Housing Automation Factory would focus on speed of production.

Self financing- Elevated bike lanes, helmets required $25/Month to ride the traffic bypass.

Zero height limits on "Complete Net-Zero" construction projects.

A North American first. If elected continue to move forward John Tory’s TransformTO Net Zero Strategy by setting a Zero higher limit on the next 100 Complete Net-Zero construction projects that offer rent geared to income for 15% of its occupants geared towards students in artist. This is a call to innovative, businesses and groups to jumpstart Toronto’s city-wide Eco-Digital makeover. Leaders communities partnerships, come together to help ignite the transformation that is #TransformTO

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EV Heavy Machinery Jobs for Toronto

Jobs, jobs and more jobs. Remote work keeps traffic low and our city on the go. Allowing Torontonians access to future job opportunities today we will allow to Toronto to do what it does best. Be the most sustainable and prosperous city that the world can model. One that includes everyone. Make money 24 hours a day for helping build Toronto. New jobs such as Remote Excavator, loaders, cranes operators, remote, and 5G operators and project managers will lead the charge in the expansion of our great City. 24hr Permitting for quiet battery electric construction equipment, excluding jackhammers. #evrevolution #hiring

Your city on your schedule.

CN Tower on solar power

In an effort to jumpstart transformsTO’s mission to help Toronto reach net by 2040 we will be transitioning the CN tower to be run completely off solar. Since this is the highest structure in the city, it is free from shade and has the highest potential to be so this will represent an interim symbol for sustainability in our that can be seen from every corner of the city. While we wait on the fusion, it’s important to transition our buildings to be heated and cooled with heat pumps and other heat circulation/recovery systems along with draft, proofing and insulation and updating fenestration. First city to pre-approve Fusion Power Generation developed in the U.S.


Date: May 14, 2023

I am committing to a major safety overhaul of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) through its new initiative - "TTC the TTC", signalling Time To Change the TTC. This initiative will introduce Safe Waiting Spaces and booths at every bus and subway station, providing secure, well-lit areas for riders to wait for transit. Additionally, to enhance passenger safety and allow for rapid response to incidents, live video feeds from on-board TTC vehicles will be made available to the Toronto Police. Lastly, to reduce the risk of accidents on subway platforms, the TTC will install Hyper-Economic Train Crossing styled barriers that open only when a train is stationary at the station. This commitment to safety and enhancements aims to transform the TTC into a safer, more reliable part of Toronto's daily life. This also includes expanding the reach of the presto pass into the GTHA

Programme 'accélération en anglais et en français

Date: May 14, 2023

A proposal

Implementing high-speed rail system between Toronto and Montreal could significantly enhance cultural exchange and understanding among English and French-speaking residents, as well as Indigenous communities, by improving connectivity and accessibility. It could also unlock substantial economic potential by facilitating easier access for European travellers, increasing tourism expenditure, and stimulating business activities in these key economic corridors. This initiative, which also promises environmental sustainability through reduced carbon emissions and improved travel times.

Drug Kingpins won’t get any sleep with a Knight Mayor

I solemnly swear protect Toronto and the families and children within, by standing firm against the onslaught of drug kingpins and their perilous poisons. Regardless of the hurdles that lie ahead, I will not falter through the grace of God alone. The resilience, diversity and spirit of Toronto is my guiding light and our shared strength against those who dare to poison our future.

This is my solemn oath to you, the people of Toronto: I will remain steadfast, I will protect, and I will rebuke those who threaten our city's love, tranquility, and safety.

Drug Injection Disconnection Support Program

Date: May 14, 2023

In response to the escalating opioid crisis, I am proposing a swift implementation of a City-Wide Mandatory Opioid Rehabilitation and Recovery Program, also known as the Mandatory Drug Injection Disconnection Program. This comprehensive strategy, encompassing medical treatment, counselling, peer support, and housing assistance, is a crucial step in saving lives and improving community wellbeing. Recognizing the delicate balance between personal liberties and public health, we will work closely and diligently with the appropriate upper levels of government to expedite the implementation process. Our collaborative approach ensures the program is patient-centred, respectful of individual autonomy, and rooted in harm reduction principles. Moreover, a city-established task force will monitor the program's effectiveness and its impact on marginalized populations, assuring its alignment with our collective goal of creating a safer and healthier city for all.

Unlocking Gridlock

Date: May 14, 2023

If elected I will implement a comprehensive No slow drivers on highway during rush hour giving you 2 hours a week or 2 weeks a year back. Value? Priceless. A Road and Highway Pylon Management Program aimed at optimizing pothole filling, and positioning of traffic pylons during road and highway construction activities. This proactive approach replaces the traditional system of random pylon placement by construction personnel, which often results in suboptimal traffic flow and safety concerns. In Addition, the City of Toronto, in collaboration with provincial and federal counterparts, is proposing to mandate adaptive cruise control (ACC) in all new cars sold within the city by 2027 to address gridlock and improve traffic flow. These measures aim to enhance road safety, reduce environmental impact through smoother traffic flow and fewer emissions, and boost economic productivity by reducing time spent in traffic.

Canada's First Flood Department

Date: May 14, 2023

I report recommends the creation of Toronto's first Flood Department to tackle the increasing flood risks. The department will focus on prevention, mitigation, and response, with divisions for each area. It will assess risks, enforce regulations, develop emergency plans, foster innovation, engage stakeholders, and ensure monitoring and evaluation. The Flood Department aims to enhance resilience and protect against flooding in Toronto.

Enhanced Neighborhood Watch

Date: May 14, 2023

I am proposing an initiative for homeowners to grant temporary access to their security camera footage remotely to law enforcement, thereby increasing surveillance resources and improving crime prevention and resolution. This will be achieved via a Watch Box Connection. This voluntary program, which allows for manual or automatic access limited to the duration of an investigation and only to public areas, aims to deter criminal behavior. Perfect for Identifying cars or persons of interest during amber alerts and more. With City Council approval, a pilot will be launched in select neighborhoods based on interest, with strong emphasis on upholding privacy rights throughout the process.

Protecting the health and safety of our Police Force

Date: May 14, 2023

The City of Toronto acknowledges the health and safety risks faced by police officers and emphasizes the need for preventative measures. This includes initiating the conversation towards establishing legislation against smoking during traffic stops to prevent second-hand smoke exposure, supplying air filter masks for use during road construction or dusty conditions, regular training and enforcing the use of personal protective equipment to handle biohazardous materials, supplying noise-cancelling ear protection for high noise environments, equipping officers with gear suitable for extreme weather conditions, and providing regular health check-ups and mental health support services to manage physical and psychological stress. These measures reflect Toronto's commitment to preserving the wellbeing of its police force while they serve the community.

Helping House the Homeless

Date: May 14, 2023

The City Of Toronto will always need to purchase and decommissioning of transit vehicles from time to time. Repurposing old Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) vehicles into sustainable housing solutions for the homeless involves selecting suitable decommissioned buses or subway cars, designing and lightly renovating them to maximize space and comfort, and incorporating sustainability measures such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems. These vehicles can also be repurposed into positive community spaces for youth and culture.

Getting the City of Toronto in Space-Ship-Shape for Jeremy Hansen's Return from the Moon.

Date: May 14, 2023

A Hero's Celebration

I propose planning an unprecedented parade to celebrate Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen's return from the Moon, launching from the iconic City Hall, whose design has been likened to the Starship Enterprise from "Star Trek". This large-scale event, featuring a diverse array of parade elements such as a dedicated astronaut float, local school bands, multicultural performances, and air show will traverse the heart of the city, providing ample viewing for spectators. With a strong emphasis on public health, safety, and environmental sustainability, the city aims to engage the community in this grand celebration while adhering to all necessary protocols. This city-wide celebration will not only honor Hansen's extraordinary achievement but also encapsulate Toronto's spirit of unity, exploration, and ambition.

Meet Jamie live at MayorMania

Mayormania is an engaging community event designed to boost voter turnout and foster stronger connections between local mayoral candidates and their constituents. This event facilitates direct interaction with candidates via Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and informal meet-and-greet activities. Set in a festival-like atmosphere with live music, food trucks, and local art exhibits, Mayormania aims to attract a diverse demographic and encourage civic participation. Nathan Phillips square Canada Day from 1pm to 8 PM.

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